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Curb to Kitchen seamless integration that supports online menus, digital menus, pay at the table, and more.

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Manage inventory, pricing, stock management from web to store, wireless payments and more.

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Commercial Point of Sale

Accept payments on site, on the road, online, B2B, and integrate with all your inventory and analytics tracking.

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Gift Cards

Increase Ticket Amounts
Build Brand Awareness
Increase Repeat Purchases

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Loyalty Reward Programs

Encourage repeat business
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Cash Discounting & Your POS

Cash Discounting & Your POS

We realize that your costs for accepting credit card payments increase regularly. As your source for Point of Sale, we can help by improving other aspects of your service that save you money and make you more profitable IN SPITE OF those rising costs.

There’s been a lot of confusion about surcharging in the past few years. Can you do it? Yes and no. They are specific rules and guidelines for each state regarding Cash Discounting and Surcharging.

For restaurants, the safest and most transparent method is to offer a cash discount for people paying with cash. Advertising the credit price throughout your restaurant with the expectation if they use credit, they pay that price.  This should avoid confusion and keep your customers happy with a Cash Discount Program.   In addition, you must notify patrons throughout your restaurant with a sign on the door, notification at a POS or cash register, and printed on the receipt.  Make sure you are following your local state rules.

Upgrade your Point of Sale System – it will pay for itself so quickly you won’t even think of it as an expense.  Our POS System will even automate the Cash Discount feature for you, so you don’t have to think twice about it!

For restaurateurs, the speed and efficiency of ordering alerts to kitchen staff, and payment processing will turn tables much, much faster in dine-in situations and faster yet for takeout. When customers key in their own orders – with descriptive, easy-to-use menu presentation and clearly stated instructions and payment options – it greatly reduces errors and streamlines the notifications along the order-fulfillment process that saves time. You and your customers will love that!

For other businesses, giving customers the ability to choose their items online saves clerks’ time (and prevents complaints about it taking too long to find a clerk!). Checkout is a breeze, and if there’s one thing everyone believes is in short supply today, it’s time.

Another great feature you should look for when choosing a new Point of Sale System is the ability to upload images and price changes instantly.   This process should be as easy as putting a photo on Facebook.

So what are you waiting for?  Call us today at (239) 549-5055 or check out our website

Broadcast your Happy Hour through your POS and ignite the room

Broadcast your Happy Hour through your POS and ignite the room

What’s new and Exciting in Clover APPS?   – The all new “Food & Drink Exchange”

Can you say “fast-paced excitement?”  It’s an app where you control the prices.   Think back to Economics class where we learned about Supply and Demand.  It’s that amount of commodity, product, or service available and the desire of buyers for it.  Those considered factors regulate its price.

That’s the stir about the new and exciting Clover POS Food & Drink Exchange app; it works off the various wants and needs of your customers along with scarcity.  Your guests see your specials on your big screen TV or devices throughout the restaurant and have a short time to order.  This all ties directly into your Point-of-Sale and drives sales through the roof.  Imagine what a 30% spike in volume would do for your business? Quickly and easily advertise wings, happy hour, daily specials… a few minutes.   The Food and Drink Exchange even gives your restaurant a money back guarantee if you don’t increase sales with this amazing app.

This app connects easily to your Clover POS and captures prices changing in real time.  They are comparing it to being on Wall Street, with the adrenaline rush and all.  Makes for an amazing Happy Hour as well!

Engagement is important when it comes to creative tools for your restaurant and POS systems now have amazing applications that can help you market your restaurant.    Turn a profit and keep a step ahead of the game by looking into deploying more of these valuable add-ons.

The reviews are stellar and maybe it’s time you think outside the box and bring the excitement, highs and lows into your establishment so your clientele can have their hearts racing as well.

The awesome thing about the Food & Drink Exchange app?  If you don’t see an increase in revenue, you are not charged for it.  What have you got to lose?  Try it today, contact us for a free demo.

3 Holiday Gift Card Recipes for Success!

3 Holiday Gift Card Recipes for Success!

With the holiday season right around the corner, gift cards are one of the most requested items.   Here are a few tips to sell and benefits you will gain with a simple gift card program.


  • Impulse Buyers – Stock up and make sure you have them within eye-sight at your register. Your impulse buyer is sure to purchase for a family member, colleague, teacher or friend.
  • Up-selling – Educate yourself and your staff. Consumers like to be enticed. Offer them the pleasure and advantage.  If you are not up-selling your customers, you are missing out on a LOT of revenue.  It works, just ask: “I am so happy you and yours enjoyed yourselves this evening.  Why not add a gift card for a loved one?  Sounds great, right!”  As you and your staff master this amazing tool, you can move onto cross-selling.  Just by suggesting other relevant options to your customer like: “Did you know the $25.00 gift cards are on special this week, buy three get the fourth for half price?”  Or, “Don’t forget to pick up a few of these cards for your family and friends; they are handy to have for last minute needs.  Want me to add another card to your order?”
  • Lifesaver (Be the “Go to Merchant”) – As consumers, we have all done it. It’s down to the last minute and we need a gift.  If a customer comes in for gift cards and you don’t have them, you lost a sale.  The mere act of displaying gift cards lets your customers know they can rely on you in a pinch.  Be the Hero and “Go To”. Try it!


  • Increased Sales – The primary benefit is your sales numbers will boom! You will generate revenue in advance of sales, and studies show customers spend more than the amount on the card.
  • Marketing – Get the word out about your establishment.  Gift cards are like mini billboards.  Your branding speaks volumes.
  • Breakage – refers to the amount left on a gift card that is never redeemed. A person with a $100 gift card may purchase $97 and inadvertently toss the card in a drawer, or throw it away. This helps your margins.
  • Repeat Business – If someone has never heard about your business, but receive a $20 gift card for their birthday, Christmas or even a holiday party, they will find you and maybe become a customer for life!
  • Advertising – Your gift cards encourage customers to join loyalty programs as well and you will now have the data you need, providing you are using a POS system, to capture that data.  Now you can send specials or “ping” them when they drive by your business.

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Cyber Monday….don’t miss out on Holiday selling opportunities!

Cyber Monday….don’t miss out on Holiday selling opportunities!

Will Cyber Monday produce the 6.6 billion dollars in expected online sales today?  With the impact and residual effects of Harvey and Irma this year,  we could all use a boost in sales.  The big question is…..  Do you have an online offering and/or do you at least have an online presence?  If not, why, and what are you going to do to grow your business in 2018? The big box retailers have been ramping up their online sales to compete with Amazon simply because their traditional brick and mortar business isn’t what it used to be.  Nordstrom’s is even price matching like Walmart.  To compete, you must be online and mobile friendly with either a simple online package or at least have an online presence.  Remember, more and more consumers are using their mobile devices to purchase goods and services or just to find you.

Here are some ideas that can help you compete this year…….yes there is still time to act!

  1. Create a mobile-friendly website. This can be as simple as buying a WordPress template with a simple shopping cart.
  2. Create a Christmas or Holiday prepackaged gift basket or special. We are all so busy this time of year and giving your customers ideas will increase your sales.
  3. Email specials, updates, and new products through MailChimp, Constant Contact or Swiftpage with a link to your special to “buy now”.
  4. Invest in Technology to capture valuable customer information today. It is simple to implement and affordable at the Point of Sale now. Whether you are a Retail, Restaurant or even a Wholesale business you simply cannot afford to not know your demographic. It is easy with a loyalty program that rewards and records what your customers are spending their hard-earned dollars on. Imagine greeting your customer with “would you like to order our fabulous Chicken Crepe again with a glass of your favorite Far Niente Chardonnay”.  What a wow factor!
  5. Order gift cards today and increase your sales and brand awareness. Yes, you can still offer online or text gift cards before the holiday. They are the number one seller each and every year and not just during the holidays.  Gift cards continue to add profits to your organization by introducing new Customers, bring back existing clients or just a great give-away at a chamber of commerce event, charity or fundraiser.

Cyber Monday – Did You Know?  (source)

  • As of 7am Pacific, $850M had been spent online
  • Shoppers are expected to spend $6.6B online today, passing the $5B that was spent online during Black Friday
  • If predictions are correct, this year’s Cyber Monday will represent 16.5% YOY growth over last year’s Cyber Monday
  • Tonight from 8-11pm (in each time zone) is estimated to be the peak time for Cyber Monday shopping
FEMA Business and Individual Assistance

FEMA Business and Individual Assistance

Business and Individual Assistance for Lee and Collier Counties Now Available

If you, your business or a family member has been affected by hurricane Irma here are some valuable resources to help you get help in the aftermath of the storm.

Check your address and apply for assistance here:

Address Look-up

Check the Status of your claim and find local resources here:

Florida specific information relating to those affected by hurricane Irma


Download the FEMA app for your smartphone



Read FEMA’s advice on vetting information found on social media here

If your business and it’s ability to make payments has been affected contact Card Systems for some help in getting your business taking payments today. We have some great limited time FREE promotions that allow businesses to begin making payments on a mobile device today.



Meet The Clover Flex, POS In The Palm Of Your Hand

Meet The Clover Flex, POS In The Palm Of Your Hand

Help Your Business Run More Efficiently

The new Clover Flex is an all in one device that will help you better assist customers, no matter where they are in your business. Need to bust a line? Use the Clover Flex to work transactions and reduce line congestion. Having a device you can use anywhere your business takes you from the counter, the table, or in a customer’s home is sure to benefit daily operations.

A unique device that is just as easy to hold as it is to pass to your customer to complete debit or signature transactions. Offering the ultimate in flexibility and customer service this device is sure to delight its users.

Clover Flex Features

  • Built-in barcode scanner and receipt printer
  • Compatible with existing Clover devices
  • Fully operation Point of Sale applications in the palm of your hand
  • Fast and Flexible wi-fi and 3G wireless options
  •  Electronic signature capture and receipt tracking
  • PIN entry without the need for an additional pin pad
  • Swipe, Dip, and NFC enabled
  • 5′ HD screen with touch display
  • Built in camera
  • Lightweight all in one solution weighing approximately 1 pound

This device is truly as flexible as your business needs. Whether you need to take an order online and complete it at the counter, tableside checkout, or sidewalk sale the Clover Flex can handle the task quickly and easily. This device will even allow your employees to clock in and out with photo verification. Maybe you would like to add a gift card or loyalty club for your customers? You can manage it all from this powerful handheld device and the easy to use Clover online dashboard from any internet connected computer.

Contact us today for more details about how the Clover Flex can start helping your business today!

Call 866.207.3298 or email