How You Can Save

With our simple to use and implement systems, your transactions are intelligently routed to lower cost of acceptance without you doing anything on your part. If you are using an ERP system, you may already have the additional information needed for interchange optimization but have no way to pass this information on to your processer. We can help. Our seamless integration makes it easy to implement a system to accept these high-cost cards and converting them into a lower transaction cost for your company.

Business to Business Commerical Payments

  • Qualify for a lower interchange rate
  • Attract a higher level of customer
  • Automate your billing process

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Qualifying Cards

  • Corporate Cards
  • Business Cards
  • Government Cards
  • Level III Credit Cards

How Does it Work:

We have stand-alone systems; an API you can integrate to; or we can interface to your current ERP System with our Level III Processing Solution to intelligently uplift each qualifying transaction. We pass through the data required to meet Level II and Level III Cards and Payments. Through a virtual terminal or integrated through your system, all the while remaining PCI DSS Compliant.

Qualify card-not-present, business, corporate, and purchasing cards, which make up the bulk of sales orders for most B2B merchants. Properly managing enhanced data (Level II and III) greatly reduces the interchange expenses you pay on all qualifying commercial transactions.

What are the Benefits?

  • Huge savings on all these Level III transactions processed through our gateway
  • Broaden your client base with Level III acceptance, it opens new markets for your company
  • Lessen the likelihood of fraud by attracting clients that are well versed in level III processing
  • Build your brand as a leader in the B to B space, our tools give instill confidence with your client base
  • Additional tools that come with our Level III gateway that will help you automatically and electronically reach out to collect, notify customers of items to pick-up or that their cards have expired. Just image the cost savings of your time here.

Interchange Systems with Level III Processing

Level III processing is enhanced information about the transaction, such as tax, discount, and product details. Adding Level III data to a transaction reduces the rates charged by the credit card brands Visa and MasterCard for processing the transaction. It also enhances the reporting available to you and your customers.

Does your company typically deal with business, corporate or government GSA purchasing cards (known as p-cards or purchase cards)? If so, you can benefit from lower credit card processing fees for your Visa & MasterCard transactions by submitting Level 2 or Level 3 data (Level II or Level III).

With these types of cards are the highest interchange rate is charged. The good news is we make it easy for you to qualify card-not-present, business, corporate, and purchasing cards to save FROM .50% to 1.35% just by optimizing your transactions.

Finance Options to Help you Grow

80% of your clients put off a project due to cost. Turn more estimates into jobs by offering in-house financing. Obtain funding to complete projects.

Get Paid Faster

Accept payments on the spot with a mobile device. Offer electronic bill presentment & payment to keep the job rolling. Create an automated payment plan.


Give Your Clients Options

Make it easy to approve change orders online or through a mobile device. Deposits can be made on your site after hours.


Customer Finance Options

Increase jobs and your average ticket by offering consumer financing or same-as-cash options.

Data Tools that Keep you Moving

Notify customers of deliveries or job progress with our powerful billing, invoicing, and collections applications.

Manage Field Employees

Create accountability with apps that track location and time. Attach photos and signatures with your change orders.

Start Saving Today

As a B2B merchant, you need a partner that controls expenses, mitigates risk, and navigates the complexities of billing and receivables as well as interchange optimization. Our tools to help you receive payments faster, centralize your commerce solutions, reduce collection activities, and lower your payment processing costs. Also, we ensure your transactions are safe and your data is secure while reducing your PCI compliance scope and audit costs.

We have the plan to save on processing.

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Accept payments on site, on the road, online, B2B, and integrate with all your inventory and analytics tracking.

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