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Credit Card Processing Terminals & Equipment

Credit card processing equipment for every budget from simple credit card terminals to full point of sale systems, Card Systems can help your business find just the right component for your processing needs. Mobile solutions and systems that will grow with your business. Give your customers a wide variety of payment options by accepting major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express along with debit and contactless payments. Digital wallets like Apple Pay are becoming increasingly popular, make sure your business is ready for those customers who are embracing emerging secure payment methods. Pin and Chip cards have become the norm and it’s important to protect your business by accepting this method of payment over a simple swiped transaction.

Terminals and Pin Pads

First Data



EMV & NFC built-in

IP or Dial Connectivity

FD 150 Card Processing Terminal


EMV and NFC Built-in, IP, WIFI or Dial Connectivity

  • Processes Credit/Debit/EBT
  • Check Guarantee
  • Able to accept EMV/Pin and Chip Cards
  • Contactless/NFC
  • Gift Cards

RP 10 Pin Pad (for FD150)

  • Accepts EMV/Pin and Chip Cards
  • Debit and Credit
  • Contactless/NFC Support
Card Systems FD35 Pin Pad

FD35 EMV-NFC Pin Pad

Use with FD130 or FD200Ti

Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Android Pay

Pax Technologies

Pax A80

Pax A80

Powerful, game-changing countertop device.

  • Processes Credit/Debit/EBT
  • Check Guarantee
  • Able to accept EMV/Pin and Chip cards
  • Contactless/NFC
  • Gift Cards
  • IP or Dial Connectivity
Card Systems PAX S80 Credit Card Terminal

Pax S80 Countertop Solution

Counter Top Solution

Simple ease of use for merchant and customer

Process Credit, Debit, EBT, Gift & Loyalty, EMV, and Contactless NFC

IP or Dial

Card Systems Pax SP30 Pin Pad

Pax SP30 Pin Pad

Use with the Pax S80

Semi-integrates with many Point of Sale Systems

A920 with NFC

Pax A920

  • Processes Credit/Debit/EBT
  • Check Guarantee
  • Able to accept EMV/Pin and Chip cards
  • Contactless/NFC
  • Gift Cards
  • GPRS Wifi, Bluetooth and Wireless

 Pax Technologies | Retail POS with forward facing screens 
Complete POS systems for Retail, QSR, Restaurant and Pay at the Pump


Card Systems Ingenico iCT220 Credit Card Processing Terminal

Ingenico iCT220

Sleek all in one countertop terminal

EMV, NFC, Built-in Pin pad

Process credit, debit, EBT, EMV, and contactless NFC

IP or Dial


iWL255 3G Wireless EMV

Great for pay at the table

Wireless or 3G option

Card Systems iSC250 integrated solution credit card terminal

iSC250 Integrated Solution

Integrates with most POS systems

Touch screen

Signature capture



Card Systems Dejavoo Z8 processing equipment

Dejavoo Z8


IP or dial


Card Systems Dejavoo Z9 Wireless Credit Card Terminal

Dejavoo Z9 Wireless

Take your EMV payments on the go

WiFi, IP, or 3G

Dejavoo z1

Dejavoo Z1

Works Via Bluetooth with your mobile device

  • Accepts EMV/Pin and chip Credit and Debit cards
  • Contactless/NFC Support


Card Systems Verifone VX520 Credit Card Processing Terminal

Verifone VX520

Robust countertop solution

Process credit, debit, EBT, EMV, and NFC payments

IP or dial

Point of Sale Systems (POS)


Imagine a simple POS that’s easy to use for you, your staff and your customers, the Clover is virtually a business in a box. You can track employees, inventory, and invoice your customers all from one simple, easy to use interface. The integrated app market has hundreds of applications to choose from that will assist you in growing your business.

Do you want a WOW factor for your clients? What about ease of use for your employees? Clover equipment has all that and more! See how Clover can help your business today!

Restaurant Point of Sale

A powerful, simple restaurant Point of sale system for iPad. Our Restaurant POS System leverages the power, convenience, and simplicity of Apple’s iPad hardware along with today’s most secure cloud server technology to create a Point-of-Sale system re-envisioned for restaurants. A Point of Sale System should provide a substantial return on your investment. We can show you how a POS Systems will increase your sales and profitability with minimum up-front expense and a simple monthly fee. Get Started with simple to use POS today and have online ordering available to your customers tomorrow.


Retail Point of Sale

Comprehensive Point of Sale systems that include mobile checkout, register, inventory management and full credit card processing, including mag stripe, EMV, and touchless payments. 



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