Gift Cards

  • Drive New Business
  • Generate More Revenue
  • Increase Foot Traffic
  • Create repeat business
  • Quick Setup & Easy to Use
  • Gift and Loyalty in oneGe

Self-Purchasing is on the Rise!

Gift cards are no longer just purchased for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. Self-purchasing is on the rise.

FDR reports in 2018*, 64% of consumers bought a gift card for their own personal use, up from 58% in 2017. Socializers (ages 24-37) saw the biggest jump in self-purchasing rates at 71%, up from 56% in 2017.

Fast casual gift cards were the most popular type of gift cards for self-purchasers.

Gift Cards will be Top Sellers this Year!

Don’t miss out on this $160,000,000 industry!


How Do Gift Cards Increase REvenue?

  • Introduce your business to new customers
  • 33% of purchasers spend more on a gift card than a gift*
  • Customers are less price sensitive and spend more
  • Build brand awareness
  • Use the same card for both Gift and Loyalty Programs
  • Customers are buying gift cards for their own use*
  • Consumers spend $59. more than the original card*

The future looks bright for gift card sales!

New, Interesting Trends

  • 47% of Linksters (ages 18-23) prefer to have a physical gift card over any other traditional gift
  • Consumers plan to spend 55% of their annual gifting budget on gift cards
  • 33% of purchasers will spend more on a gift card than they will on a traditional gift*


Market Your Gift Cards

  • Inform users of your card options on your website, via Facebook, or through email.
  • Distribute gift cards by text message, email, by mail, and on site.
  • Place a gift bag on your counter with product and a gift card for impulse sales
  • Offer an incentive for buying a specific dollar amount
  • Give an extra $10 gift card if they purchase a $100 gift card

Gift Cards are becoming a Preferred Currency

Consumers love to give gift cards, and the recipients of these gift cards prefer receiving them over a traditional gift.

Easy to Order and Stock

  • Fee-free until gift card is sold
  • Free customized gift card
  • Design online
  • No shopping cart needed
  • Physical or virtual cards

Market directly to your customer’s cell phone!

We have options to help you roll out a text message marketing campaign so that you can be with your customers wherever they go. Go mobile!

Go Green, and Go Virtual and sell up to 50% more with gift cards, and save on the plastic.

Instantly deliver a gift card virtually through your website. Virtual cards can be printed or viewed directly from a mobile device making it easy for customers to buy gift cards and use them.

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