Checkout with POS

Restaurant Point of Sale

Curb to Kitchen seamless integration that supports online menus, digital menus, pay at the table, and more.

Checkout with POS

Retail Point of Sale

Manage inventory, pricing, stock management from web to store, wireless payments and more.

Checkout with POS

Commercial Point of Sale

Accept payments on site, on the road, online, B2B, and integrate with all your inventory and analytics tracking.

Learn More about Gift cards

Gift Cards

Increase Ticket Amounts
Build Brand Awareness
Increase Repeat Purchases

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty Reward Programs

Encourage repeat business
Combine with gift cards

automotive repair


Fleet management, expense cards, and inventory tracking.

business coach

B 2 B

Selling, invoicing, managing and serving businesses.

online and mobile credit card processing


Tracking, financing, and authorization solutions.

gasoline pump ready for EMV?

Gas Stations

Convenience stores sales, inventory tracking, and curbside sales.

Medical and Dental Office Credit Card in office payment


Invoice online, on site, and by phone. Offer financing.

CSI POS credit card terminal


Reservations, checkout, staffing, and analytics.

mobile credit card processing

Home Repair

On site payments, estimates, and fleet management.

Lawn and landscape credit card

Lawn Service

Collect payment on site instantly, online payment portals, electonic checks.

Shopping Online SS

Online Sales

Merchant accounts, payment gateways, auto-deposit, PCI compliance.

waiter serving


Tab management, pay at the table, online and on site menu management.

clover mini retail credit card e


Point of Sale systems that integrate with inventory, websites, and more.

CSI branded Clover mobile credit card processing

Salons & Spas

Booking, tip management, electronic checks, online payments.

Non-Profit Point of Sale

  • Mobile POS apps for payments at events
  • Bring your own devices
  • Tracking and statistics from all your devices
  • Got cell service? You’re got card processing!
  • Customize your solution from a variety of options

Collect Donations Anywhere

Don’t Lose Out

Donations are often spur-of-the-moment decisions. Don’t lose another dollar because you can’t take a credit card on the spot. Our mobile solutions use the devices you already have on hand to make any event, meeting or visit a fund-raiser.

No matter your preference, we have the solution.

Mobile Checkout

Arm your staff with a mobile all-in-one device that can do it all, from taking donations to reviewing reports.

These portable POS systems are easy to hold and easy to hand over to donors to dip, swipe, tap, sign or enter a PIN. Our mobile devices deliver the ultimate in flexibility and simplicity in a single-device freeing your mind for the things that matter.

Features that stand out from the competition:

  • Built-in receipt printer and barcode scanner
  • Fast and flexible wireless connectivity with an optional 3G data plan
  • Electronic signature, which makes it easier to keep track of receipts and helps prevent future chargebacks
  • Compatible with a full line of POS devices
  • Powered by a full suite of business management tools and apps

Card Swipers for Phones

Accept donations on the go, wherever you go.  Using the portable phones your staff already carry,  you can now accept donations and sponsorships at events, promotional talks, and board meetings.

Secure EMV chip card readers protect your organization and your donors. In the office, receive simple and helpful reports.  Reliable support is available whenever you need it.

  • Simple:  No programming! Just charge, plug in and use with your phone or tablet.
  • Flexible:  If you have wi-fi or cellular bars, you’re connected.
  • Secure: EMV chip card readers provide the confidence.
  • Reliable Support:  24×7 customer care and support.
  • Intuitive Reporting:  Easy to understand, and with useful industry comparisons.
  • Set custom tip and tax rates
  • Add and manage permissions for employees
  • See your transactions on the dashboard
  • Email or text receipts to your customers

Mobile solutions that grow with your organization.  You can easily move to other  devices and solutions as your business evolves.

Mini POS

Keep it simple – or ramp it up

Need an office POS, but don’t have room or money for tons of equipment? Hosting an event with a registration table? Welcome to the sleekest, most flexible payment terminal around. When you’re tight on space or time, our mini-terminal saves the day. Give donors the convenience of paying with multiple payment types, protect their sensitive information – as well as your own – and have the flexibility you’ve always wanted, without the hassle of a big business system.

These small terminals runs on cloud-based software so you can access your business information wherever you are – from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. And, as you grow, you can do even more with business management apps from the growing App Market.

Intuitive and ease to use.  Right out of the box you can:

  • Accept more types of payments from magnetic strip and EMV™ Chip cards to contactless, without additional equipment or complicated software
  • Protect your customers, business and reputation from fraud with built-in TransArmor solutions.
  • Set up a mobile loyalty and rewards program with the free Perka™ solution Punchcard app.
  • Tap into valuable insights about your business with Insightics Free.

Our solutions make running your own business far less complicated, and a lot more fun.

Ideal For:

Fund-Raising Events

Accept sign-ups for events, sell merchandise, take donations and sponsorships using your mobile device, or ours.

Speeches and Intros

When you’ve made a great impression at a speech or introduction, reap the rewards immediately! Accept sponsorships, memberships, or donations on the spot.

Board Members

You can’t be everywhere at once. Make the most of your board’s connections by empowering them with phone apps that serve as portable donation boxes!

Credit Processing Solutions that fit your business!

Clover Mini

Terminal Processing

Our state-of-the-art terminals will securely accept any form of payment.

NFC Pax Forward Facing E800

POS Processing

Our systems let you take payments behind the counter or out on the floor.

Inserting and EMV Card on the Pax

Mobile Processing

CSI mobile solutions let you accept credit card payments on the go.

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