Allowing Overdraft Fees Undermines Benefit of Prepaid Cards

Allowing Overdraft Fees Undermines Benefit of Prepaid Cards

Paycards are a great tool and will not only benefit you by streamlining operations, it will help pay your unbankable employees and independent contractors. Creating a happier workforce with less turnover.  Do not let the worries of overdraft fees discourage you.  There are Paycards out there that do not have NSF fees associated with them. See what Credit Karma has to say about the $6 Billion dollar overdraft problem faced by consumers.

Let’s face it, with all recent breaches and hacks occurring on a daily basis, removing your account numbers from the world just makes sense.  Lock down your valuable account numbers by using direct deposit or a pay card.

It is simple and easy to do and a huge way to “go green”. Also, by streamlining your operations you are more likely to be able to enjoy more Holidays like Labor Day, and grow your operations.

Remember….it is just one step at a time that makes your business grow…or my motto a “good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow”.  That was from General Patton.

Happy Labor Day!!