Checkout with POS

Restaurant Point of Sale

Curb to Kitchen seamless integration that supports online menus, digital menus, pay at the table, and more.

Checkout with POS

Retail Point of Sale

Manage inventory, pricing, stock management from web to store, wireless payments and more.

Checkout with POS

Commercial Point of Sale

Accept payments on site, on the road, online, B2B, and integrate with all your inventory and analytics tracking.

Learn More about Gift cards

Gift Cards

Increase Ticket Amounts
Build Brand Awareness
Increase Repeat Purchases

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty Reward Programs

Encourage repeat business
Combine with gift cards

automotive repair


Fleet management, expense cards, and inventory tracking.

business coach

B 2 B

Selling, invoicing, managing and serving businesses.

online and mobile credit card processing


Tracking, financing, and authorization solutions.

gasoline pump ready for EMV?

Gas Stations

Convenience stores sales, inventory tracking, and curbside sales.

Medical and Dental Office Credit Card in office payment


Invoice online, on site, and by phone. Offer financing.

CSI POS credit card terminal


Reservations, checkout, staffing, and analytics.

mobile credit card processing

Home Repair

On site payments, estimates, and fleet management.

Lawn and landscape credit card

Lawn Service

Collect payment on site instantly, online payment portals, electonic checks.

Shopping Online SS

Online Sales

Merchant accounts, payment gateways, auto-deposit, PCI compliance.

waiter serving


Tab management, pay at the table, online and on site menu management.

clover mini retail credit card e


Point of Sale systems that integrate with inventory, websites, and more.

CSI branded Clover mobile credit card processing

Salons & Spas

Booking, tip management, electronic checks, online payments.

Credit Processing Solutions that fit your business!
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Debit Card

Merchant Accounts

Accept credit cards anywhere. Automatic bank deposits.

Edgeserv POS system for restaurants

Point-of-Sale Systems

Custom solutions for your business.
From inventory to delivery.

pay online shop online

Online Processing

Accept credit card payments anywhere, from any device.


Gift Cards

  • Gift Cards Outsell Products
  • Increase Sales 50% or More
  • Build Customer Loyalty
electronic check processing

Check Processing

  • Prevent Bounced Checks
  • Reduce Processing Fees
  • Offer Customers Options
lawn main POS credit card payment

Electronic Invoicing

  • Reduce Time to Payment
  • Capture Signatures on Site
  • Reduce Costs

CSI POS credit card terminal

Cash Discounts

  • Reduce Processing Fees
  • Reward Cash Clients
  • On Site or Online

Inserting and EMV Card on the Pax

EMV – Pin & Chip

  • Reduce Chargebacks
  • Protect Customer Data
  • Increase Confidence
Pax Applepay NFC

Contactless Payments

  • NFC
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Wallet / Android Pay

ATM Skimmer


  • Increase Cash Sales
  • Increase Customer Traffic
  • Reduce Credit Card Fees

payroll card handover


  • Eliminate Paper Checks
  • Private Labeling Available
  • Automate & Reduce Costs