Celebrate all Month

Make this Month Valentine’s month!  Offer diners specials all month long!  This will gain more business and allow clients to celebrate without the crowds of previous years. Dress up your reception area with impulse sales items. Add a gift card to a basket of wine, food, or whatever you sell, and create a grab-and-go product for frantic last-minute Valentine’s Day shoppers.  Restaurant gift cards were the most popular gift card category in 2022. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), restaurant gift cards were the most popular gift cards for Christmas 2022, with 27% of U.S. consumers planning to buy at least one. Source: moneyzine.com/personal-finance-resources/gift-card-statistics/

Spread the love to your customers this Valentine’s Day by offering out-of-the-box ideas.  Offer a curbside candlelight Valentine’s dinner prepared or unprepared, and maybe include a small gift card they can use in the future as a surprise when they unbox their order.

Create a beautiful Valentine’s basket with a gift card and bottle of wine or glasses for those who choose to celebrate later.  Maybe a pizza for two and a growler.  There are so many fun ideas you can incorporate to make your restaurant even more memorable during these times.

Get creative; if you need last-minute digital cards or gift card presenters, we have you covered!

Every year, these numbers increase, and every day, someone is celebrating an event! 

5 Fun facts about gift cards

Source: NATIONAL USE YOUR GIFT CARD DAY – January 20, 2024 – National Today

  • Gift cards that Americans give: 93% of  have given gift cards
  • The most popular gift card in 2019, Amazon, was the #1 gift card.
  • Gift cards as birthday gifts: 68% of people give gift cards as a birthday present.
  • Starbucks transactions: Almost half were made with gift cards
  • Men vs. Women: Men spend more on gift cards than women. Perfect for Valentine’s Day
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