Virtual Gift Cards? Seriously


WOW! I didn’t even know these existed until I personally received one.

A friend of mine sent me a virtual gift card via text to a local boutique in my neighborhood. It was a thank you gift for taking care of her pet while she was away. I was so excited I decided to use it right away. Needless to say I spent over 100% of the total gift card. Of course that’s what always happens with a good gift card. It’s such a rewarding feeling, it seems like I saved 50% off my total purchase. At least that’s the way most women feel with a gift card. So listen up gentlemen it’s not how much we SPEND, it’s how much we SAVE.

The owner of the shop happened to wait on me while I was shopping. I had to ask how these gift cards worked. She was happy to enlighten me. She said it was the best investment she’d ever made. She explained that once she signed up she was able to pick a personal design for her gift card, there was no set up fee or monthly fee. She posts the gift cards on her business Facebook page and Website. Once people order a gift card the company she hired, Card Systems handles the rest.  The gift card can be sent via text, emailed and hard copies can be mailed. She only pays when the cards sell, and with that it’s only a small percentage for processing the gift card. That fee is taken out at the end of the month, similar to her credit card processing fees.

I’ve gotten quite a few gift cards in my day. Here’s what usually happens with gift cards.

  1. People redeem them and spend more. MORE MONEY!
  2. They don’t redeem them.  FREE MONEY!
  3. They lose them. FREE MONEY!

Let me ask you this, “How could your business lose?”  Consider the financial impact gift cards could have on your business this busy shopping season. Find out how! It’s Easy Pezzy.