I’ve been getting calls lately from a Virginia phone number. The gentleman (with a heavy foreign accent) claims to be with the US Department of Treasury and I’m entitled to a $9,600.00 grant. “How, I asked?” They just picked my name at random, was what I was told. All I had to do to get this grant was give him my bank and account number, then they will deposit the money directly into my account.  “REALLY?” I said. Hang on a second. HANG UP!

Mom 2Some people may laugh but this goes on every day and it’s sad. People like this Telemarketer preying on unsuspecting seniors or people not so fortunate who may fall for this SCAM. It happened while I was visiting my Mom, who happens to be a senior citizen. She informed me she doesn’t pick up the phone when she doesn’t recognize the number. Smart Lady. I picked up the phone at her home one day and a gentleman told me he was from my Mother’s bank and wanted to verify some bank account information from me. My response of course was, “You’re with the bank, why don’t you provide me with that information and I’ll verify it?”  This guy went off on me. He claimed he has been doing this for a very long time and he knew what he was doing. Then demanded I give him my Mom’s information I thought, SERIOUSLY? “Really,” I said. “I don’t think so. Don’t ever call here again, Bah Bye.”

Sad but true. I think the reasons some seniors fall for this is because they grew up in an era where they could leave their doors unlocked and trusted just about everyone. Unfortunately, not any more. Everyone please take heed and make sure your beloved elders are aware of these Criminals among us and they don’t fall for these types of callers. Have them just HANG UP!