Training and motivating a multi-generational workforce has never been easier. Your entire staff from Gen X to Millennials (Generation Y) will now find it a breeze to learn and use our restaurant POS.  This simple to use, cloud based POS system for restaurants use iPad’s in the front and back of the house. 

Almost everyone is utilizing smartphones now and you or your managers can easily log in from your smartphone, laptop, or anywhere you have an internet connection to manage your restaurant.   Menu modifications, daily specials or staff additions can be made instantly, tracked and recorded to run your business more profitably and efficiently.  

9 Simple Tips to keep your menu and guest experience fresh

Software updates are in the app store – Legacy POS software updates required time, a support technician and installation. Our software updates are available through the app store.  Just navigate to the update and run as easily as you would any other app, you are now in control!

Menu images can be taken and uploaded direct from your SmartPhone – It’s as easy as tap, click and upload, just like Instagram!  Upselling your specials has never been easier.  Snap a pic on the fly via your smartphone and upload your revised menu in the blink of an eye.

Locating your customers – Our restaurant POS offers Smart Search. The auto-fill function found in all smartphones is in our app, too.  Query a customer and find an address.  What a great time saver!

Delivery drivers use a map app and deliver more meals – Do your delivery drivers need driving directions?  Do they go to a map app on their smart phone to get there?  What general delivery area do you cover?  Enable maps through the  POS system to set delivery parameters and send driving directions to your delivery drivers.

iPhone users get message alerts for new email, message or news alert – Smartphone users sign up for alerts of all kinds. The POS sends out alerts when a new takeout order is received, when an order is ready for pickup or when a new order is sent to the kitchen, to name a few.  No more waiting in line to see who’s order is next up; the POS will tell you!

Organizing your restaurant is easy – In most restaurants, you have to accommodate parties of all sizes.  Simply drag available tables together on the screen and reconfigure seating in an instant.  Your host will also see the new layout without being in the room to see which tables are available.

Settings on your iPhone give you flexibility with your devices – Use the same settings app on the  POS to make adjustments to control your devices. Turn your iPad into a kitchen display with a simple swipe.

Text Communication – Simplify communications with your customers through the texting feature.  Use the iPad text feature to notify your waiting guests their table is ready, or a takeout order is ready for pickup.  You can even notify your customers driving by (with our beacon technology) that you have a special going on.

Reboot with the home button – Restaurant owners who know the horror of rebooting a POS during service will truly appreciate the simplicity of a cloud POS restart. Tap the home button twice, swipe up, and you’re back in business. No waiting or calling tech support required.

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