Is Your Smartphone Becoming an All in One Solution?

A colleague and I were having a discussion the other day about our love/hate relationship we have with our SMART Phones. I’m sure we have all experienced those feelings at some point or another in the SMART Phone realm. We also touched on all the things we could think of that it has replaced.

• Watch, Timer, Stopwatch, Alarm Clock
• Home Phone, Skype (FaceTime)
• Appointment Books
• Radio, Stereo, Cassettes, DVD’s
• Camera, Video Recorder, Photo Album
• Personal Computer
• Mailing a Letter, Sending a Party Invitation
• Calculator
• Maps, Compass
• Televisions
• Flash Light
• Dictionary, Thesaurus

This probably isn’t even close to all the things it’s replaced, add your ideas.

As for SMART Point of Sale Systems here’s what these solutions CAN Do.

• Save on Costly Software Solutions
• No Need for a Time Clock, Secure Clock In and Out eliminates Payroll Overages, Upload to Payroll
• Track Inventory Instantly
• Identify TOP sales producers and shifts
• Geographically locate your outside sales/service team
• Gather Email and other Information for Marketing to your Customer, Identify Regulars
• Take Online Food Orders, Text when an order is ready for Pick Up
• Provide designated Discounts and LOYALTY
• And so much more

What this all comes down to is providing Better Service, Moving More Merchandise, Making More Money and Creating a More Positive Customer Experience.

There you have it a SMART MERCHANT!