Over 330,000 global terminals were breached through one of the top 3 most popular POS systems, Oracle/Micros.  KrebsOnSecurity broke the story late yesterday.  Keep your customer’s security a priority by locking your front door.  If you are using this system, make sure you are changing your passwords frequently and do your PCI vulnerability scans often.  You are not limited to just an annual scan.  Most scan companies will allow you to scan as often as you choose.

Every single day we see breaches…no one is safe.  The hackers and criminals view this as a full-time job, and they are good at it.  In fact, they are Olympic Gold Medal good at being bad.  Nobody wants to talk about it happening to them.   If at all possible, tokenize your transactions and pick a device that keeps your customer’s cardholder data outside the POS system.