The evolution in the payments space is in hyper drive.  In 2015, Samsung acquired LoopPay, an ApplePay® competitor.  This month we watched as LoopPay’s CEO, Will Graylin, wowed the attendees of #TRANSACT15 with a demonstration of how LoopPay’s new and fascinating technology integrates with the Samsung Galaxy 6. LoopPay allows users to upload all types of cards into a mobile app on their iPhone or Android mobile device. Using either a keychain fob or smartphone case, the customer transmits their payment data securely by placing the device near a terminal or POS. The cardholder data wirelessly transmits from the fob or case using the same magnetic frequency 90% of merchant terminals use to process credit cards today. Your business is digital wallet friendly, starting today, without any NFC terminal upgrade. Watch this video to see how it all works.