Micros EMV Payment Solution

PCI-Validated P2PE solution is fully
integrated with MICROS RES, 9700, Simphony 1x and Simphony 2 products.

Our gateway currently supports the following MICROS workstations; WS5, WS5a, WS6, KW270, and mTablets providing a validated P2PE solution that will take the workstation hardware and OS out of PCI scope. For older hardware, please contact your CardSystems representative for possible solutions. This payment solution is available for both Windows CE and Win32 workstations. Our gateway P2PE solution is 100% EMV ready and supports ApplePay and Google Wallet today. As the back end processors finalize the interfaces for EMV in the US, our gateway solutions being deployed today are ready and EMV capable.

Key Features

Remote Updates

As processing requirements change from time to time, Point-of-Interaction (POI) device
manufacturers, such as lngenico, Verifone, MagTek or ID Tech, are required to release new
POI device firmware. Our gateway interface provides the ability to remotely update all POI
devices in the field through MICROS. The new Firmware is deployed to each workstation through
a CAL package.

Authorization Recovery

The payment solution interface provides a unique feature for a Server or Manager to recover an
Authorization that was obtained for check but then no longer associated to the check when it
came time to Finalize/Close the check. A SIM Script is used to send all of the check detail to, the gateway and it will return the original authorization back to MICROS and the script will kick off a keyboard macro to re-apply the original authorization back to the check. From there the user can apply a tip and close the check.

Enterprise Portal

Merchants can schedule Settlement to kick off up to four (4) times throughout the day. Batches
can be viewed and edited in the online batching portal.

Commerce Connector (FCC)

Workstation level support and local offline is available. With FCC all credit card activity can
be sent directly to the Gateway depending on network configuration the FCC provides the merchant with:
• Ability to accept Credit Card transitions in the event of an internal LAN or External WAN service disruption (still under PCI-Validated P2PE)
• Eliminate the need for any middleware credit card software running on the MICROS server or elsewhere in the merchant environment

Direct Integration

No separate power or connectivity is required, if using USB. All POI devices are connected directly to the MICROS workstation via USB. This greatly simplifies the effort required to deploy our payment solution.

Pay at Table

As EMV cards become a reality in the US and as more and more customers find the convenience of using ApplePay and Google Wallet, merchants will need a solution for the pay-at-table scenario. Our gateway has solved this this use-case with a MICROS Pay-at-Table interface that supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled POI devices. The payment solution offers customers the ability to use their chip cards or smartphones to pay the whole bill or split the check between multiple guests all within the convenience of the card or phone never leaving their control. This solution is driven by our Pay at Table service that runs at the MICROS server and provides the wait staff the ability to pull up a single check for payment or multiple tables without returning to a workstation.

Is your system compatible?