Do You Know….

Where your customers are coming from?
How often are they returning?
How much are they spending?
Are you collecting e-mail addresses for future marketing?

  • Let us help you transform your sales data into valuable information about your customers, sales and similar businesses
  • Provides recommendations tailored to your business
  • Helps you better understand your business and grow
  • See your customers’ spending patterns
  • Comprehend the impact of your marketing efforts and get insight that will improve future efforts
  • Compare sales and see how consumers are spending at other business like yours

Let us show you the power of analytics to help your business grow.

2 Click Invoicing and E-Mail Marketing


See an immediate improvement in your email marketing with our secure payment tools.

• Use your existing email marketing system
• Keep your current website
• Empower mobile customers with 2Clicks
• Set up in less than an hour

“It has been a great donation vehicle and implementation has been easy. We’ve received a large number of repeat donations (close to 50%) and many supporters donated numerous times. With the ease of 2Clicks for donations, our supporters donate more frequently, which results in greater revenue over time.”

T. Fleming – Albuquerque Rescue Mission

Why move into the digital age with our 2Click Invoicing?

  • Customers want fast and easy
  • Easy to manage
  • Enter the mobile space
  • “Dashboard” reporting cuts admin time in half