Did You Know Credit Card Surcharges In Florida Are NO LONGER Prohibited?

Major changes to the interpretation of freedom of speech now make it possible for Florida merchants to recoup processing costs via surcharging.

SURCHARGE OR CONVENIENCE FEE – What is the difference?

SURCHARGE:   An extra sum of money a merchant chooses to add to the purchase price when a customer uses a credit card.  This is added to offset the processing fee imposed on the merchant by the credit card company for each transaction.  The fee could range from 1.5% – 5%.

States and territories where adding a surcharge is illegal in 2023:   Connecticut, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico.*

If you are in one of the places prohibiting a surcharge, consider offering your credit card customers a discount to pay in cash.

 Some of these states are contesting the restriction of credit card surcharges, so call us for the latest information in your location.

CONVENIENCE FEE:  This is a fixed charge added to a purchase price when an alternative payment method is offered. Examples would be paying online or by phone using a credit card.  An example if a business allows a customer to pay an invoice online, you are paying the convenience fee for the privilege of being able to pay online.  Each card company may have different guidelines – we can help you navigate these requirements.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Stay abreast of changes in this realm, things can always change.  Read and know your contract provisions with each card network concerning Surcharges and Convenience Fees.  KNOW YOUR STATE LAW, as it can differ from your card network requirements, and the state law dictates.

If you ever have questions regarding processing, fees, or charges on your business statement Card Systems can help. Whether you have general questions or are looking for alternative processing contact us today @ 866.207.3298 or by email.

*There are states where Courts have made surcharge laws unenforceable, including the ones below. In these states, using Cash Discounting is the most effective way to limit processing costs.

  • California
  • Florida
  • Kansas
  • Maine
  • New York
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas
  • Utah

Sound complicated? Don’t worry. It’s our job to know all the options available to you and help you choose the best solution for your business type, location, and sales methods.