Check Processing

Check Conversion and Guarantee Program

For some business owners, accepting checks can be a concern. By the time a business owner becomes aware a customer has written a bad check, the customer has left the establishment with the services rendered or merchandise in hand. Our process is as quick, safe and easy as accepting credit cards.

Woman Writing a CheckThe benefits are endless, including:
• Converting paper checks into electronic payments at the point of sale and depositing funds directly into your bank account within two banking days.
• Guarantees the full amount of any check approved
• Don’t have to waste your time and money chasing bad check writers.
• Avoiding costly fees associated with bad checks.
• Saving time and money by not having to make daily trips to your bank.
• More customers will shop with you if you accept checks.

Check Conversion & Guarantee reduces your risks when you accept checks, while providing an easy, hassle free payment option for your valued customers.

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