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In our new series from Card Systems, we will be offering up short ideas and marketing tips to help you grow your business and stay ahead of the competition. The first offering in this series will show you where to create some images that can be branded with your personal logo and where to find some royalty free images for use in print and online applications like websites, blogs, or social media headers.

Here are a couple of really cool websites we’ve used to create a few great graphics for business.

Card Systems Marketing ContactReally easy, and only a few minutes to create.  One of the websites is absolutely free, the other has a charge.

Hi-Res download, awesome!  Give them a try and see what you can create for your business. – Cool mockups  or – Free mockups

Card Systems, spends a small fortune on graphics over the course of a year.  In the old days “Free Graphics” were near useless… seems that has all changed and the Free Graphics available now are quite good and the library of resources has grown massively.  But, be careful to ensure they are free.

You should search the web and look at the available resources, you could save big bucks without much effort. (free images) (free images) (free images) (free images) (free images) (free images)

Woohoo… have fun guys!

Additional Marketing Tips

Are you currently collecting customer email addresses? It can be as simple as asking if a customer wants to have a receipt emailed to them when using one of ourpoint of salesystems to manage your business.

Let us know how we can help you and your business whether with our web services offerings or by setting you up with an online gateway to take payments through your website.

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