What is your data security policy? Yesterday, Akamai’s daily tracker reported over 29 million hacking attempts in a 24 hour period.  It is not just Windows, as Robert Herjavec, a leading expert in cybersecurity, states, “any device can be breached.”  He also states the average attacker is in a company’s network over six months before anyone notices a problem. The bigger question is when these criminals manage to get into your system, will your data be secure?  By tokenizing or encrypting sensitive data and payments, you render the data useless to them.

Data Security and PCI Compliance

Look into updating old technologies, software, and firewalls.  Create your own internal data security protocols and procedures. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)  require annual assessments and quarterly system scans for merchants processing payments. Most companies skim through the process leaving vulnerabilities. Make this your number one goal today. If you are handling sensitive data or payments of any type, you owe it to your clients, employees and your company to be diligent. Do not become PCI complacent, and think you are immune to this type of attack.    

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