Analog vs IP

In today’s world of consumer shopping, when visiting your favorite stores to make your purchases, you often come across a scenario that we all know too well. The dreaded long lines at the register!  Many merchants are still utilizing dial up and when the consumer is on the fast-pace trying to get all those errands done, they either leave the store or stand annoyed at the situation.  In recent testing’s, we noticed quite a difference in transaction times with dial up vs IP.  We show a difference of 12 seconds in a credit card transaction on a terminal that was on IP vs Dial up.

Dial up connection times: IP Connection
Credit/EMV : 17 secondsCredit /EMV :12 seconds
Contactless transaction: 17 seconds,Contactless transaction: 10 seconds
Debit transaction: 15 secondsDebit transaction: 8 seconds

Every second is crucial to not letting a consumer walk out your store.  Your choice of dial up over IP could result in longer waiting times at the check-out register.  Another reason to consider switching to IP connectivity is for when your terminal requires updates.  Terminal updates are also completed based on your connectivity setup.  IP will require less transaction down-time when new firmware is released.  Call us to make the switch to IP today.