If you’re like most employers today, you should use background checks to help make employment-related decisions. But just in case you think you’re immune to hiring bad employees, we offer some compelling reasons to set up a background screening program. By the way, even if you do have a program in place, these reasons may suggest ways you could improve it.

  1. Background screening helps to create a safer, more productive workplace.
  2. Organizations with background check programs attract higher quality employees over time.
  3. You can reduce the incidence of negligent hiring lawsuits with screening by conducting your due diligence.
  4. A properly structured and FCRA compliant background screening program helps you comply with regulations and meet requirements of clients or partners.
  5. Background checks are an essential part of the verification process to ensure an applicant or employee fulfills the requirements for the job.
  6. Companies can reduce the risk of employee theft or fraud by screening for risk factors in an applicant’s background.