Clover App – Bringg

Bringg It On!

This Bringg application is definitely a game changer for restaurants, service repair and merchandise delivery companies. It shows customers where their deliveries are in real time. Bringg is an economical solution that can make a small business look and feel like an Uber.

For a business here’s how it works using a restaurant as an example:

  • The Bringg application is downloaded onto a Clover Point of Sale device, it provides the merchant with a web based dashboard to manage deliveries, people and apps. The business adds all the delivery personnel on staff which includes a photograph, mobile phone number and email address. Each delivery person added will get a text message containing their own personal credentials needed to download the Bringg app.
  • First an order needs to be placed. Once the customer is selected or created this opens up the register where the restaurant can choose the items and the quantity being ordered. Click pay to add the order then click delivery.
  • The restaurant will see all their orders and the status of their orders. Here they will also see their drivers. If a customer calls to find out what the status is on an order, the restaurant can hit locate associated with that order and can give the customer the drivers exact location. The dashboard will also enable the restaurant to assign a delivery, this will notify the driver of a pending task that they will need to acknowledge.
  • Accepting the tasks adds it to the drivers list of the tasks that need to be completed. Special notes can be added for the driver i.e. “the doorbell isn’t working please knock.” Starting the task notifies the customer who will get an SMS text message, when the customer clicks on that link it takes them to mobile web page showing the delivery drivers’ progress and when they are expected to arrive. On location the delivery driver has the ability to make comments, take pictures and utilize EMV card processing with a Clover dongle. After the delivery is complete the driver then hits left location on the app., the customer will no longer be able to track.
  • When the customer refreshes the app. they are taken to a ratings page…Here the restaurant can receive immediate correspondence from an unhappy customer, therefore giving the restaurant the opportunity to contact the customer ASAP, to do what’s necessary to retain their business.


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