Capital or Financing

Merchant Cash Advance

Get the working capital you need quickly & easily! Use your future sales to grow your business.  With just a single-page application and a few additional documents we can get you the cash you need fast! Trouble getting the cash you need? It can be difficult in these times to get a business loan.  Our Merchant Cash Advance program has approval rates of 85% and no…

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PrePaid Commercial Spending Cards

Instances covered by news media of employee theft via credit card misuse underscore the need for businesses to regularly consult with their a payment solutions provider for a review of all facets of payment operations. While paper checks still dominate the commercial payment landscape, the fastest growing card is the reloadable (prepaid)…

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Reloadable Expense Cards

Employee Expense Cards Card Systems provides secure, remote expense card loading. Just the right amount at just the right time. No need to tie up funds unnecessarily, or to expose your accounts to questionable charges. Provide employees with cards and load the funds only when needed. Cards are re-loadable. For employees on the road – meeting with clients…

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