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Accept Credit Cards - Businesses that accept credit cards double their sales capacity.  Would you rather have 1 customer today or 2?  Read More…
Online Sales & Payments – Billions of dollars are transacted online each year.  If you aren’t embracing e-commerce, you’re not embracing your full earning potential. Read More… 
Point of Sale Systems – POS systems allow you to collect payments from customers NOW, all while recording details of the transaction and eliminating some of your reporting headaches. Read More...
Check Processing – Effortless to set up and a tool that will begin saving you money immediately. Read More...
Mobile Payment Solutions – ‘Hot New” Revolutionary Mobile Payment Solution Card Systems, Inc. now offers one of the most robust Payment Gateways in the industry supporting Wi-Fi, IP and Wireless terminals. This gateway allows you to accept card payments using a cell phone, laptop or net book. Now you are able to professionally print out a receipt for your client on the spot! Read More…


ATM Machines – People want to spend money in your store.  Give them the means to get the cash to do so. Read More…

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There has been an increase in the number of Application Security Attacks and Attacks via Remote Access (Brute Force Password Attacks). The holidays are an especially attractive time to exploit weaknesses in passwords and unpatched systems.

Application Security is the security (or lack thereof) of the applications running on your network. For retailers these could include POS systems, Mobile device operating systems and back-end office systems.

How to protect against Brute Force Password Attacks: