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Easy Pay Electronic Payroll Distribution Services

Payroll cardsOur Easy Pay program helps you pay those employees with banking challenges. Issue a MasterCard debit card free of charge in lieu of payroll checks or cash.

Our program offers several advantages:

  • No costs to the employer
  • Offer direct deposit benefits to your "un-banked" employees, saving them time and money
  • Eliminating paper checks and moving toward 100% electronic payroll distribution will reduce costs for printing, distribution, overhead and administrative responsibilities associated with payroll

Our system is web based and our only requirement is that the employer has Internet access.  There are no requirements for any programming or changes to your accounting or payroll systems.

We can have your enrollment done and cards in your employees’ hands in two weeks.



Benefits for Company and Staff

Payroll Card transactions are safer, faster, and easier than cash transactions.  Our secure, 100% traceable system provides you and employees with a complete audit trail on every card.  Our reporting allows your staff to simply and accurately answer any questions that arise at any station where the card is accepted.
ur comprehensive reporting reduces accounting workload and allows them to track all aspects of the system in real-time.
Multiple card types for Independent Contractors, employees, and their families, each with different incentives and rewards can be created.  

  • No Overdraft fees
  • No Hidden fees
  • Fees fixed
  • No qualifying
  • None cancelable for credit
  • Everyone qualifies
  • Transfer funds worldwide
  • Mobile balance inquiry
  • Private Label to your company
  • Fund raising
  • Merchandise discount program

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Call us at +1 (239) 549-5055 or toll free at  (866) 207-3298

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There has been an increase in the number of Application Security Attacks and Attacks via Remote Access (Brute Force Password Attacks). The holidays are an especially attractive time to exploit weaknesses in passwords and unpatched systems.

Application Security is the security (or lack thereof) of the applications running on your network. For retailers these could include POS systems, Mobile device operating systems and back-end office systems.

How to protect against Brute Force Password Attacks: