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Check Conversion & Guarantee Program

Check Conversion and Guarantee Program

For some business owners, accepting checks can be a concern. By the time a business owner becomes aware a customer has written a bad check, the customer has left the establishment with the services rendered or merchandise in hand. Our process is as quick, safe and easy as accepting credit cards.

The benefits are endless, including:
• Converting paper checks into electronic payments at the point of sale and depositing funds directly into your bank account within two banking days.
• Guarantees the full amount of any check approved
• Don't have to waste your time and money chasing bad check writers.
• Avoiding costly fees associated with bad checks.
• Saving time and money by not having to make daily trips to your bank.
• More customers will shop with you if you accept checks.

Check Conversion & Guarantee reduces your risks when you accept checks, while providing an easy, hassle free payment option for your valued customers.

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